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Employee Testimonials

Dear Pat,
"It seems like a good time today to tell you how much I appreciated your taking me into your company. I watched you care more for the needs of your clients than companies ever do, and find a solution to every situation that arose, and get creative when there wasn’t one, and I learned so much from you in that time. 

I had been a manager, I had excellent project management skills, and I could design a database from scratch.  You didn’t need any of those things from me. You needed me to show up, and be flexible, and help you meet the daily needs of the people who were depending on you. It took me a little while to stop running ahead trying to create value.  But I want you to know that I did see what an amazing woman you are, and how present you were in the needs of the day.

 I brought all that with me into my next job and then this one. If I'm ever in need of care, I hope there is a Living Options like yours around. Working there was such a blessing for me.
  - My best always, Marilyn

Dear Pat,
Thank you for everything you have done for me. I will always remember you for your love and kindness.  May The Lord bless you and bring peace to your heart.

  - Love, Madeline



In order for you to lead a healthy and balanced life, facilities offer numerous activities and services for their residents. A short list includes:


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