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"I want to thank you for all your recent help for my wife and myself. I don't know what we would have done without you.

When my wife had a sudden, unexpected emergency condition, was hospitalized, and we were told she would have to remain in a skilled nursing facility for the rest of her life, I was so shocked I could not think where to begin. Thank God I was referred to you. 

When I told you I would want to immediately sell our large home and move near wherever my wife would be you suggested a Continuing Care Retirement Community for both of us. It was not far from where we lived. My wife could be in the Skilled Nursing section there which was rated as one of the best around. And I could be in an independent apartment there. With meals in the dining room, apartment cleaned, bed changed and laundry done for me. So I could concentrate on my wife. 

You arranged for my wife to be taken there from the hospital. For me to be given an apartment there right away. And for a realtor who, you said was the best, from our town's premiere real estate office to sell my house. He was the best. And the house sold quickly and for more than I expected.

I had a number of collections of things, and a house full of furniture and artwork and was given help with what to keep and what to sell and what to give and what to donate. You all had an estate sales person and anyone else I needed come to help me. And the moving company you recommended went the extra mile just like you do.

I was amazed that it was all handled so smoothly and so very well. Now I just walk across the campus to see and be with my wife.

My hat is off to you."

  - Gratefully, Phillip

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Why do I need to find a facility through Living Options?  Can't I just find one on my own?  
A. You will not find a comprehensive list of senior care facilities in any Yellow Pages or other similar directory.  Nor does any Senior Center have a list of all the facilities in any area.  Living Options, on the other hand, has extensive information on the facilities in the entire Bay Area.  We are local people working with seniors through Living Options to find their perfect home for 16 years.  Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties alone have 1500 senior facilities of all types.  There are many, many more throughout the entire Bay Area.

Q. What do you charge clients for your services?
A. Nothing. We are a FREE referral service. We have no hidden charges. Finding a senior care facility through us won't cost you anything.

Q.  What are Independent Living Facilities, Assisted Living Facilities, Board and Care Homes, Continuing Care Retirement Communities, Alzheimer's Facilities, or Skilled Nursing Homes?
Please see "Facility Types".

Q.  What does the monthly price include?
A.The monthly price includes rent, utilities, all meals, snacks, weekly apartment cleaning and laundry service and a front desk attendant who accepts mail and packages, takes messages and screens visitors, permitting entrance to authorized persons only.  Also included are all activities and entertainment and some transportation. Some facilities also have beauty ships, hobby or activity rooms, gymnasiums, etc.

Q. How do I figure out which type of facility is best for me?
A. In California, every senior must provide a doctor's report to a facility before moving in. Your physician will determine which type of facility you should enter - Independent Living, Assisted Living, a Board and Care Home or an Alzheimer's and Dementia home.

Q. Do I have to apply to get into a facility?
A.Yes, you do have to apply. Each facility assesses each client and determines whether or not they can accommodate that client.

Q. Has the Living Options staff seen first hand all of the facilities available?
A. Yes. Because we care where seniors live, we have scrutinized each and every facility listed in our extensive registry.

Q. How many facilities will you recommend for me?
A. We will recommend between six and twelve to ensure you find one you like. We will happily recommend more, if necessary, until you find one exactly suitable to your needs.

Q. I can't drive but I would like to tour some of the facilities you reccommend before I select one.
A.  We will provide transportation for you to the facilities so you can see them for yourself.

Q. I can no longer live on my own in my home. If I move to a senior care facility, I'll have to sell my house, sort through my belongings and pack up the items I want to take with me. Can you help?
A.  Yes.  We can refer you to the best real estate agent in your area and to the moving company our clients like the best.  If you would like to scale down on your furniture of other household items, we can arrange an estate sale or other options as well.  We will help you with every aspect of transitioning to your new home.

Q. Do I have to sell all of my own furniture before I move in?
A. No. You can bring your own furniture and decorate your home according to your own taste.

Q. What if I need a special diet?
A. The facilities will accommodate you

Q. Can I bring a pet?
A. Yes. Facilities allow you to bring many types of small pets that you can take care of yourself.

Q. Can my family visit on my birthday?
A. Absolutely. Most facilities also provide a private dining room, at no extra charge, which you can use to celebrate special events.

Q. How often can my family visit me?
A. Your family can visit as often as they like.

Q. How will I get to church?
A. Clergy from several religious denominations conduct services in many of the facilities. If your denomination does not, the staff will arrange transportation for you to your house of worship.

Q. How will I get my hair cut? What do I do if I want to go to the mall or to a movie?
A.  Many large facilities have beauty salons on the premises and transportation for other kinds of trips.  Other facilities will  provide you with transportation for these types of errands.  

Q. What if I change my mind? How can I get out of my rental contract?
A. Except for homes in which you invest with a "buy in" such as a CCRC (Continuing Care Retirement Community), the terms of your lease are month to month. If you don't wish to be in that facility any longer, you simply give a 30-day notice and we will help you find something else.


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